Yilan Day Tour: Kavalan whisky, Bike around lake, Made scallion pancake


Feeling like you need to retreat from Tapei’s hustle and bustle? This day trip to Yilan is the perfect escape for you. Only 1.5 hours east of Taipei lies a rural and vibrant region that boasts scenic beauty, that you have to see! Visit award wining Taiwan Kavalan whisky to learn how it made and have whisky testing so you know what it taste like. After whisky we'll go to the local beer brewing factory to have beer testing and go up to the factory tower to see the beautiful Yilan city. I'll take you to local famous fish ball restaurant for lunch. Be ready to marvel because your journey begins by driving through the longest tunnel in East Asia, The Hsuehshan Tunnel. When you reach the other side, you will find a hidden Local Village, where I would be hap​py to tell you all about the unique local traditions and culture. Stretch your legs and hop on a bike to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the mountain views and clear water as you bike around Meihua Lake. After all of that cycling, you are probably hungry by now. Delight in an authentic farm-to-table experience by checking out an excellent scallion farm. You can harvest your scallions and then learn how to make the best local food, a scallion pancake. This is a crispy and delicious local delicacy that you must try. Be sure to keep the recipe so that you can share the flavors of Yilan with your loved ones back home! Feel free to ask me any questions along the way so that you can make the most out​ of your vacay in Yilan. I can personalize your tour according to your preferences and get ready to discover Yilan like a local.

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