Yehliu Geopark, Shifen Waterfall & Jiufen Tour


Visit the famous and amazing rock formations of Yehliu Geopark. Then enjoy peaceful serenity on an isolated terrain where no tourists go. On this tour you can also stroll around a bustling fisherman’s market,Marvel at the weird and wonderful shapes of Yeliu Geopark’s world-famous “Hoodoo Rocks”. Your private host can guide you to the most amazing formations and explain how these geological wonders were formed. Did you know that the locals have given them names such as the “Queen’s Head” and “Fairy Shoe”. Get ready for more fabulous formations, in a serene non-touristy area by the coast. Admire mushroom, ginger and honeycomb rocks and enjoy the peace and quiet of this alien-like landscape. See how locals peel seaweed from the rocks, and hear how its unique flavor adds a special taste to local delicacies.While in town why not visit an authentic fish market? See exotic live fish, king crabs, clams, and oysters. If you’re getting hungry, there’s plenty of delicious sushi, fruit, cooked seafood, and wine for you to choose from. Escape the hustle of Taipei for a day and discover the spectacular beauty of the nearby countryside. Experience stunning waterfalls, fly your own sky lantern, and enjoy a delicious taro dessert in a mountain top cafe. The stunning waterfalls and areas of outstanding natural beauty at Pingxi, Shifen and Juifen are must-see highlights for any Taipei traveler. On this private tour you can enjoy them all, plus you can experience some off-the-beaten-track delights that only locals know about.Your private host can guide you to the famous waterfalls and also show you the surprises that lie beyond. Surprises that could never be found in a tourist guide book. Take a drive through the mountains, a hike up a hidden waterfall, and a stroll across a 128 meter suspension bridge. But let’s get back to the stunning falls. As you approach Shifen Waterfall you’ll hear the thunder of the gushing river before you see the giant unbroken sheet of white water crashing onto the rocks below. On sunny days, the mists create rainbows in the blue skies. After all the natural beauty and history it’s time to top off your tour with a view of the incredibly ornate Ah Mei Tea House. Why wait in line when your local host can guide you to the perfect seat to gaze out on the beautiful coastline? All you need to do is enjoy the view while munching on a delicious local treat: a Taro dessert served with shaved ice.

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