Women Empowerment - Lisbon Walking Tour


We live in an era where minds are changing. But it has not always been like this. Women have been struggling to be heard for centuries and Lisbon's cobblestone streets are filled with stories of an era where women could not vote, could not leave the country without a written permission by their husbands or fathers, and were considered 2nd class Portuguese citizens. Surprisingly, this was not so long ago, my mother still went through it and has been telling me these stories of meetings where she herself participated in the 70’s. That's why I have always considered myself a feminist. Now I'm an activist always working towards breaking down gender barriers. If you are a like-minded person like me, follow me on a journey of powerful characters, men & women, who have fought for gender equality. From politicians, teachers, doctors & more! Their stories are inspiring and I would love to share them with you. I will help you discover Lisbon through their unique men and women and how they loved their city and lived their life. I'll take you to my favorite place for an amazing view and quick intro to this empowering experience. From there let's uncover the neighborhood with all the secret little villas and stories the small streets and corners hide. To keep the interesting conversation going, let's enjoy some traditional tapas and a glass of wine and carry on to see the flea market area, majestic churches, and historical buildings. I want to help clear your doubts about this social movement, so don't be shy and ask away! I can also change anything in the itinerary if you wish to.

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