Wine Tasting in Mallorca's Countryside with a Wine Lover


Mallorca's vibe is one in a million, and you know it! So, why not spend a lovely day together, tasting some of the best products this island has to offer? On my private tour, I suggest we go for some wine tastings, and I know just the right place where to find the best of the best, the beautiful town of Santa Maria. Join me and let me share with you my knowledge and passion for Mallorca and its wines. My love for wine and this island made me discover amazing corners that I would love to show you, so come with me to visit one of the most famous wineries in Mallorca and one of my ultimate favorites. This experience is more than wine tasting! You will be able to know the processes of elaboration of local wines from the route that makes the grape in the season of vintage. That's why first we will get a tour of the facilities and vineyards. Hear about the history of the winery, the grape varieties, the peculiarities of the location, the harvest, the vinification, its passage through the vats, the barrels, and the bottling. In short, a journey through the winemaking process, from its birth in the vineyard to its arrival on our palates. Once the tour is over, we continue with a tasting of four of the wines, a white, a rose and two reds. All of them will be accompanied, one by one, by a narrative about their varieties, vintage, and tasting notes. And, of course, it will be accompanied by a tasting of balsamic, oil, and Mallorcan salty cakes (Quelitas). We cannot forget the environment surrounding the tasting, the typical Mallorcan patio with its rustic style, where flowers, plants, and birds envelop us while we taste the different wines. It's the perfect setting to bring your friends and family while exploring the beautiful treasures outside of the city. Any requests? Let me know, and I'll personalize the experience to make your wishes a reality.

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