Weird Food of Hong Kong Private Tour


Join me for a unique food tour of Hong Kong! Try the weirdest food that you've only seen on blogs or heard about on the chicken feet and smelly tofu! Get your taste buds ready for a unique food challenge! If you want to try something special and exotic, this is your chance! I'll take you to the Prince Edward area, an area full of hidden food places only known by locals. Here you can find a multitude of family-run restaurants and street food stalls. You will try all the best and most exotic foods Hong Kong has to offer. Tip: just don't ask before you eat! Explore the area that has a lot of interesting places and is filled with many old buildings from Colonial times. Prince Edward is a great local area with a very authentic vibe. Let's explore the neighborhood together and fill our stomachs here! Throughout your tour, learn about Hong Kong’s food heritage, history, and culture. Enjoy a mix different tastes, smells, and textures. Please let me know if there is something that you do not eat or anything exotic that you can't wait to try and I'll adjust the menu to your wishes!

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