Walking Tour Along Dublin's River Liffey Bridges


This is a walking tour of Dublin City like no other. Starting from Heuston Station, Dublin's main railway gateway to Ireland's South, Southwest and West, we will saunter, at your pace, along Dublin's City Quays and relive the rich history, innovative engineering and construction of all eighteen bridges that span Dublin's famous river all the way to the eastern most bridge at the mouth of Dublin Bay. Discover when the bridges were built, how they were built, who built them and why. Hear the fascinating stories, tragic and comic, ancient and recent, associated with these bridges and the areas around them. Learn about how and why the bridges were named, and the three phases of naming conventions that span over a thousand years of engineering. Discover the lives of pioneering engineers, architects, developers and patrons, from the Vikings to King John, James Butler to Bindon Blood Stoney and Santiago Calatrava! Become immersed in this historic world while you traipse through its present, in the heart of Dublin. Stop and linger at a time of your choosing, and savour a snack, a drink, or something more substantial at any of the delicious cafes and eateries along the quays.

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