Venice Without the Crowds: Online City Walk with a Venetian


Always wanted to explore the magical city of Venice without following the hustle and bustle of tourists and crowds? Then this private virtual experience is just the thing for you! Connect with Valerio virtually from the comfort of your home and let him take you on a journey through the beautiful streets of Venice that will make you feel as if you are instantly there. Follow him as he walks and explores the city with you by his side on his phone. You will wander with Valerio around the city, discovering hidden gems as well the most famous buildings like St.Marks church and the Rialto bridge. Thanks to a shared GPS tracking system, you will literally get lost with in the maze of Venetian streets. Did you know that in the earlier years of Venice, the squares that we know today were grassy fields located in various parts of the city? See the beautiful contrast between a ‘campi’ that kept its greens and one that transformed into a square where local kids play in the ‘calle’. Wander past the small bridges and let your local host tell you fascinating stories about these ‘ponte’s.’ Whether you are planning a future trip to Venice or want to reminisce about your time in this fascinating city, Valerio is here to help you! As a passionate local and tour guide, Valerio has all the information you are looking for. Plan your next adventure thanks to his tips and recommendations or see those landmarks that you didn’t get a chance to cover before, this online experience is suitable for all your needs and curiosities.  Are you interested in history or want to know more about the local lifestyle of Venice? Personalize your experience according to your interests and let Valerio show you his city around your wishes! This experience is 100% online. While you are at home, your host will connect with you from their city via a link that will be provided to you. For this tour, your host will be out in the city showing you live scenes through their camera. All you have to do is get your computer ready, have a proper internet connection, and enjoy your tour in a comfy setting.

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