Venice Treasure Hunt: City Games in the Hidden Gems of Venice


Venice is full of hidden symbols, stories and legends and it doesn't matter how many times you have been in this beautiful city, there's always something new to discover. But what if you could do it in a fun and unique way together with your group of friends? Yes, it is possible and I know exactly how! Put your detective hats on and follow the clues and challanges I have prepared for you during a fun scavenger hunt around the hidden Venice. See the city's best hidden symbols of the Serenissima and answer question like which is the original name of the gondole makers? Can you find the secret key hole for opening this door? for a variety of fun facts that will show you the city from a different perspective. Let the game begin and in the end let's see who's the biggest city expert! This scavenger hunt in Venice is private. I also want to assure you I'll follow the social distance protocol and apply safety measures such as a face mask and hand sanitizer for a safe experience that both, you and I, can enjoy. My goal is to make you feel comfortable while having fun and by following the regulations in place. Any special request? Let me know, and I can change the theme of your city game or change the sestiere (area of the city). I can also personalize your experience around you and your group's needs and whises. I can't wait to go on this fun adventure with you! Bye!

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