Tuscan Countryside Bike Tour & Saffron Tasting


The Tuscan countryside is beautiful, and I want to show it to you on a one of a kind bike tour. Come with me for a scenic ride where you'll also discover the secrets of saffron at a local farm. I was born and raised in the Mugello area, a historical region, and valley in northern Tuscany. As a licensed guide that specialized in nature activities, I know this area like the back of my hand. Join me and enjoy the bike ride of your life! Before we hop on our bike, let's explore the small village of Vicchio and around its beautiful lake. Then, it's time to begin our ride into the countryside, away from traffic. Along the way you’ll see a Romanesque Church, a Villa from the Medicean era, and the home of Giotto, always surrounded by nature and the typical Tuscan landscape. Ready for a colorful sight? Halfway through the ride, we'll visit a saffron farm. Meet the local farm animals, see the beehives and vineyard, and get ready to taste some of their products. Enjoy delicious saffron-flavored products, from honey, jam, cheese, biscuits, and herbal tea, while the owners show you how to grow saffron. Your Tuscan bike tour can be 100% personalized in any way! Are you a bike expert or simply want to enjoy the ride? Let me know what you're up to and I'll customize the route accordingly!

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