Trunyan The Village of Skull Traditional Village Tour


This private tour to a local village will give you an insight to the local culture and traditions. Here, the Trunyan people are very enthusiastic to protect their traditions and culture. One of the most interesting parts of their culture is the burial ritual. What makes Trunyan so special? The corpse! Trunyan people retain an ancient magical funeral method. They are protective to their tradition, and it has not changes for centuries, their ancestor decided not to bury their dead. Unlike other villages in Bali, when somebody passed away they will be buried in the cemetery or they will be cremated. However, the people of Trunyan lay down the corpse on the ground, and only covered it by a woven bamboo. As a result, you can see the corpse decomposed naturally. Magically, the giant tree called taru menyan absorbs the oudor. This is really a once in a lifetime experience. If you have any questions please contact me.

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