Treviso Charms: History, Tiramisu & Prosecco


Ever heard about Treviso? This charming little town, also called little Venice by locals, due to the significant presence of water is a real jewel nestled in the heart of the Venetian country. With its historical palaces, canals, ancient Roman remnants, arcades, frescoes, churches, fashion boutiques, and traditional “osterie,” Treviso is a mix of old and modern, traditional and mundane, posh and rustic. It's totally worth a visit! Not as famous as Venice, yet very interesting, the city remains almost unspoiled and jealously preserves its treasures, just waiting to show-off to curious visitors. During our walk we will explore the city together, traveling through different historical epoques, from ancient Roman times to modern days. You will see all the main historical buildings as well as hidden and curious spots. We will roam in the main street, the Calmaggiore, but also look for hidden passages in-between buildings to reach places of interest. We'll then have a relaxing walk in the most beautiful area of the city, where the presence of water most reminds of Venice: the canal of Buranelli (yes, from Burano!) and the Pescheria island. Our last stop will be the famous St. Thomas' Gate. We can see what's outside the city from the historical walls. And, of course, no worries about feeling thirsty or hungry! Did you know Tiramisu was invented in Treviso? On our way around the city, we will stop to taste the traditional dessert made of 'savoiardi', coffee and mascarpone. At the end of our tour, you can enjoy a traditional aperitif with Prosecco and cicheti. ​ If there is any other place of the city you would like to make a stop, or if you have dietary preferences, let me know! I can personalize the tour for you. See you soon!

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