Trek & Taste Florence: An Off-the-Path Urban-trekking & Food Experience


Florence offers more than touristy places! Starting from the city center you’ll find yourself wandering on a secret path, you’ll feel like connected to nature and city at the same time in a jump! There's nothing better than a day with a very good outside-walk, so let's follow me, your private art and nature lover, through an off the beaten path walk, through a curious area of the city. I will tell you everything about the history of the people who lived here, one among them Galileo Galilei! Florence is so famous for its museum that sometimes we forget its key relationship with Science and discoveries! From scenic panoramas, historical buildings, roses parks, zen gardens and a delicious final tasting; get ready to touch the most authentic side of the city. Are you a photo-shooter? Have the best view of the marvelous city of Florence and its hills and picturesque spots. There’s no perfect day without food at the end, at least by my side, your foodie insider! So… we will be experiencing at the end the cool city vibes and lively atmosphere of the Oltrarno neighborhood with food and drinks. Sneakers or light trekking shoes, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water are highly recommended. The trekking path is paved and easy, suitable even for beginners but consider a walk of 2 - 2-and-a-half hours long (you need to be trained to walk for distances), the first part of the trekking involves one steep (just for 15 min).

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