Traditions of Dubai: Mosques, Temples & Palaces


Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, but where did it all start? Discover the true heart of the city by exploring the oldest areas of Dubai! Forget about the glitz vibes of the city, go to the local core of Dubai with me. I'll take you to cultural spots important for the locals and that at the same point represent a gathering point like mosques, souks, and temples. Be like the locals and walk through the Bastakiya neighborhood, visit a textile souk, stop by the Dubai museum plus pay a visit to a couple of temples and mosques. And even better, enjoy a tasty coffee & sweets break! Let me show the core of what Dubai is, and leave with a different perspective of what the city represents to the locals. Want to add another stop, or you have other requests? I can personalize this experience 100% to your needs and wishes! Let's talk!

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