Traditional Thai Gold Leaf Painting Workshop


In this workshop, I'll welcome you to my residence, where my wife and I share our passion for art with curious travelers! Start off the workshop with an intro to the history and evolution of Lai Rod Num. The original process to create these pieces was lengthy and very complex. Our adapted technique will allow you to create your very own piece in just a few hours! As we delve into this process you can taste delicious local sips and snacks! Discover how the stencils are made, how to prepare the surface upon which you'll be painting your design, and then apply a special adhesive. Then it's time to apply the delicate golden leaves. We'll wash off the excess, and voila - your very own traditional Thai artwork is ready! With our guidance and stories, you'll fall in love with Lai Rod Num just like we have! Please let us know if you have any special wishes because this workshop can be 100% customized.

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Prijs: € 92.94

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