Tour of Masterpieces & Insights at the Accademia Gallery


A visit to the Accademia Gallery is like opening a vault that contains precious artwork. Inside the halls of this gallery live some of the most important sculptures and pieces of art in the world. And because of that, this is a must do for every visitor. But what if you want a more private experience? Then, I'm here to help! This highlight of Florence is a touristy nest where tons of travelers flock around, but with my help, you'll have an intimate understanding with tons of insights about the artists & their masterpieces. See the most beautiful sculptures by Michelangelo at the Hall of Prisoners, where you can appreciate the unfinished slaves and of course, the David sculpture will be there in all its glory. I can tell you all about Michelangelo's masterpiece and the secrets behind it. Admire the Hall of the Colossus and its famous sculputure made out of one big piece of marble, plus many many more pieces of art. I will gladly tell you details & stories about the artists and their masterpieces that you can't find at a first glance or through a mass tour guide. With me, they will be personal stories and secret local insights you cannot find elsewhere! Let me know beforehand your desired visit time and date and I'll arrange everything. Keep in mind that the tour is not available on Monday, because the museum is closed. Entrance tickets are not included. For groups of 7 or 8 guests Dina will use a radio around the museum to avoid disrupting other guests.

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