Time for a New Taste of Italy: Tour for Craft Beer Lovers


We all know Italy is known for it's wine and prosecco, but the craft beer movement has grown in the past years and there are over 100 craft breweries located just in the Veneto region. So, I want to share my favorite craft beer bars in Venice and let you experience a different kind of tasting while in Italy! I have lived in Venice since 2013 and had the pleasure of watching the craft beer movement grow here. It is not as big in some other countries, but I have found some amazing bars with mouthwatering IPA's, Sours, Lagers, Belgium, and the list goes on! Whatever taste you prefer I am sure I can find it for you! This tour will allow you to find the best craft beer bars in Venice and I am leaving it open to you to choose your beers at the moment as I know we craft beer enthusiasts have our own tastes! The last beer will be on me and one Venetian tapas! We will meet in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice. Don't worry ghetto does not mean bad in Venice! This little island has an important part of history in the Venetian story! Then we are going to head to an old, hole in the wall type bar, that maybe you would just pass by any other day. But, that would be a mistake for a craft beer enthusiast! This bar has roughly 100-200 bottled craft beers, ice-cold, and ready to be selected from one of the refrigerators! It's actually one of the first bars to offer such a round collection of craft beers here in Venice! Then we will take a stroll to a bar that is known for its 21 taps of only craft beer: Italian craft beers and other countries. The owner Angelo is also famous for his slow pours, haha, you will see soon enough if you choose this tour! Then we will follow the back streets a bit to a little square with only one bar, so we can have a seat and really enjoy the Venetian Lifestyle while sipping on one of their 25 Italian/International Craft beers in the bottle and a small snack of typically sliced meats! This one is included in the tour price! I will leave the rest of your choices to your own taste and decisions at the moment! Myself as a craft beer enthusiast knows that we can be picky about our types of beers and I do not want to take away your freedom of choice during this tour! I would love to leave you with even more suggestions of where to get craft beers as there are even more bars I can recommend if I brought you to them all... I am not sure you would remember our tour at the end ? I can also refer you to some breweries on the mainland to be visited if you are traveling in the area!

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