The Ultimate Day Tour - Fushimi-Inari and the secrets of Higashiyama


Fushimi Inari and the Higashiyama district are my favourite places in all of Kyoto. The Fushimi is most popular tourist destination in all of Japan, and as a result it's hard to experience it without massive crowds. But while living in Kyoto I've learnt many ways to avoid the crowds and discovered some amazing secret areas hidden within this huge shrine. I'm so excited about this tour because Fushimi-Inari and Higashiyama are full of things to see and do but most people never truly explore the area. I really believe that this is the most value packed day you can have in Kyoto. We can start at anytime in the early morning, but for the absolute best experience join me for a beautiful sunrise as we hike the entire Fushimi shrine, learning all about its history, its stories, and discovering a secret bamboo forest rarely known by tourists. We'll also get to see a beautiful view of Kyoto along the way. An early start time is very important, because this is the most popular attraction in Japan, and a sunrise with few people will be a completely different experience. At the end of our hike we have 2 amazing options: 1. Enjoy the freshest street food while watching hoards of tourists arrive at our once quiet and peaceful shrine. 2. I know the most amazing cafe serving some of the best coffee and breakfast in Kyoto! (I exclude the cost of food and drinks to make sure the tour is fully customisable) After this we'll catch a short train to the next half of our tour. The Higashiyama district is one of the most beautiful areas in Kyoto, but it's also one of the busiest, so I've found many ways to escape the crowds while also finding hidden gems along the way. We start by walking down a busy street showing an interesting balance between traditional and modern Japan. You'll learn about exclusive tea houses and the origins of traditional Japanese theatre that began in Kyoto. We then continue into a beautiful park and famous shrine used for many festivals and events throughout the year. From here we explore the historically preserved streets of Higashiyama. You'll often feel like you're on a movie set in these perfectly preserved streets. You'll experience both the busy tourist spots and quiet peaceful escapes as we walk through the area. We'll see a gigantic buddhist statue and also stop at a cafe that happens to have an amazing view of the famous 5 story pagoda, and they serve a delicious parfait! Along the way to our final destination we'll pass by heaps of interesting shops, tasting many different foods and browsing a large variety of locally made crafts and souvenirs. Eventually we arrive at a 1200 year old temple where I'll teach you about the history and local customs before we end the day.

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