The Real HK Tour: Fishing Village & Rice Noodles


The south part of Hong Kong is completely different than the bustling heart of the city. Come with me on a private tour and discover the charming fishing village of Aberdeen. Escape the crowds and take a trip back in time! Our journey begins with a picturesque boat trip that will take us to the small island of Aberdeen. There, the real side of Hong Kong will reveal itself! Wander around the port and see how time froze in this traditional village. From old boats, locals hard at work, and a tranquil atmosphere; this is as local as it gets! Ready for a unique treat? Try the only existing itinerant rice noodles boat in the fishing port. This is something you won’t be able to find in Tai O or around. The rice noodle boat has over 30 years of history, and it's a favorite meal from the locals around this area - a truly unique experience. Hear more about the traditions in the Aberdeen island with a visit to the temple for the Goddess of the Sea. This temple was built to protect the village, and I'll tell you all the stories surrounding this beautiful place. For a more in-depth look into the local life, let's go to the market! Wander around and browse through a variety of dried seafood, grocery stores, and fresh products. To recap your experience in Aberdeen let's enjoy the best combination of afternoon tea in a local cafe. Keep in mind that this tour is not vegetarian-friendly and boat noodles are not available every day. I will double check and confirm you once you book the tour. If the boat noodles are not available, we will have cart noodles as an alternative choice. Any other requests? Let me know! I can always personalize your experience to make your wishes come true.

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