The Picture Perfect Town of Pistoia with a Local


Walk with me across the streets of Pistoia, a little city close to Florence that still shows today its genuine distinctive features in its architecture and preserves the local traditions and simple living. Submerge yourself in the authentic local vibes of Pistoia and capture its essence with its many picture perfect spots and places to visit. It's narrow streets with unbelievable names, offer you the perfect spots for original pictures and views, and I will gladly introduce them to you through their fantastic stories. Smell the scent of fresh fruit and vegetables in the picturesque Piazza della Sala, where the local market has been held since the Middle Age. Here, every day the locals can buy fresh products from the countryside, from morning until sunset. Take a look and be amazed by its local vibes! I'll show you how to read the city as a book, thanks to the signs and layers that time has left behind so clearly. Most of the churches have the typical Roman style with green and white stone designs, creating the effect of a mosaic in the city. It surely is breathtaking! I'll take you to the Cathedral and the Townhall and we'll have a stop in the oldest cafe in town where you can see the path of the very first city wall, also have a look at the typical Italian shops and the authentic products they offer. And for a perfect ending, admire the decorated facade of the Spedale del Ceppo, once a real hospital, one of the oldest of Europe. It has been in use for almost 800 years, from 1277 to 2012! You will fall in love with this beautiful little town and I will gladly tell you more about it on our way back. Also, let me know if you wish to change something in the itinerary, I can modify anything to make it perfect for you!

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