The Most Beautiful Churches in Rome


Come with me on a lovely stroll through the beautiful streets of the historic center of Rome and make 7 divine stops at the most beautiful and magical churches in Rome. Visit spectacular architectural gems like the Church Sant'Agnese in Agone designed by Borromini. And nearby this church you can find the beautiful Santa Maria della Pace. Did you know that the Roman Pantheon is a Roman Catholic Church still active? Visit this iconic place and learn its history. Time for a break! Enjoy a good coffee and a cannoli Sicily in an old bar. Then follow the divine path again to discover the world's most beautiful frescoed ceilings at Sant'Ivo Alla Sapienza. Cross the Tiber to visit two historic churches in the heart of the oldest neighborhood in Rome, Trastevere. And while we are here, I'll provide you with more local insights and other things to do and visit while in Rome. You had other churches in mind? I can add them to the tour or change the tour to meet your desires!

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