The Liberation of Paris: a historic private walking tour


(If possible, if you want to book less than 8 days before, please send me a message to ask me if I am available before making the reservation, even if the site indicates that I am available. Thanks a lot!.) Paris outragee, Paris brisee, Paris martyrisee, mais Paris liberee ! - these words are known by all Parisians and represent proudly the events during the infamous Liberation of Paris. Want to know more about it? Join me on a historical tour that will show you the life of the Parisians during WWII, from occupation to Liberation. From the most beautiful and glorious hours to the darkest. This private experience has it all! Go back in time and retrace time with some French and German copies newspapers from 1939 and 1940 that I have saved at home. This will help you have a real connection with the past and truly understand what was happening at that moment. And after that quick introduction, your historical journey is about to begin. Go where the action happened, visit the Luxembourg garden where the allied tanks fought ferociously the German garrison. Follow the route of the armored division of General Leclerc to the heart of the city, through the Latin Quarter. I'll tell you heroic tales & interesting facts about this day along the way. History will also take you in front of the city hall and rue de Rivoli, to hear all about the past & present changes the city has been through. Go to the area of Paris that suffered the most from the occupation, Le Marais and see how after the liberation everything changed. Drown yourself with knowledge about Paris and its incredible history. Craving for more history? There is more that I can show you! Let me know what else you would like to know about the history of Paris and I'll add it to your personalized offer.

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