The LGBTQ History Tour of London


I want to show you the amazing historical journey of the LGBTQ community in London, how hard they fought for equal rights and where do we stand today. With tons of interesting stories to tell you, we will take a look back through visits to museums, meetings places and local spots the LGBTQ community used to gather in the past to unwind. At the museum of London, I'll give you a full historical breakdown on the history of LGBTQ of London 1700-1900. Hear everything about the endurances some people had to go through just for having a different sexual preference to how the LGBTQ movement evolved over time. We will also visit Soho, the famous neighborhood where I'll show you some local spots that are LGBTQ friendly. We'll also pay a visit to the infamous 'Caravan Club', a place take took an important role for the LGBTQ community. During our walk through the neighborhood we can make a stop to eat at a gay friendly restaurant to recharge some energy and keep the tour to its high. Let me know if you want to add this to your personalized offer! To finish with a bang we cannot not visit the historical Vauxhall Tavern where we will get to watch an incredible drag show. You'll love the energy of this place! Let me enlighten you more about this amazing movement with tons of fun local insights and unique places to visit. Personalize your experience as you wish, just let me know! **This tour is also available on Saturday at 3 pm

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Prijs: € 60.00

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