The History of Prague: Prague Castle & Castle District Tour


If you really want to get to know Prague, then you must retrace its history. Take a trip back in time on a tour that focuses on Prague Castle & Castle District and hear from a local source, stories, unknown details, and insights that you can’t usually find in a history book. This history tour in Prague will show you the story behind landmarks, statues, squares, streets, and symbols hidden in plain sight. Check out Strahov Monastery, Loreto, St. Vitus' Cathedral, and more historical highlights to help you understand how they connect with Prague Castle & Castle District in Prague and how it affected the city from past to present. Each of the hosts in these tours are history experts and passionate about their city. Check out their profiles and pick the one with whom you share interests - they can’t wait to take you on a tour around their favorite subject and to show you some of their favorite spots in the city. Believe us; they have plenty of stories to tell! The local hosts are natural storytellers, each one with a different background ranging from arts to history. They can’t wait to share some of their unique stories and personal anecdotes with you! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their city your city!

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