The Healing Project called Nature


We are going to immerse ourselves in the forest and dunes near Amsterdam. We are going to use all our senses (smell, hear, touch, see) to experience 'Forest Bathing' or as the Japanese call it 'Shinrin Yoku'. I will give you new experiences in nature that you never had before and show you the beauty of nature.The intention of this tour is that you can leave all your stress behind. I will tell you all about the plants, flowers and animals that live there and about the history of this area. Did you know in this area you can find the oldest monastery of Holland and that there still are bunkers of the second world war? We are going to do the tour by e- bike or normal bike.I will pick you up at Castricum station which you can arrive by train or car (parking near station is for free). Then we go together to the bike rental place. Please take a blanket or towel and a backpack with you. We are also going to stop at a beautiful lunch place in nature.

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