The eclectic faces of Berlin


Berlin is not the most beautiful, clean and organized city in Germany. But it offers places where you can’t find anywhere else. The district of Friedrichshain is a great example of this whit it’s diversity. It could be super touristic and just two blocks to the side is very alternative or could be very calm. Many tours include the Eastside Gallery and the RAW, this one aims to give a different perspective and experience visiting them. These places were born in the 90’ and are changing at a fast speed. Visit them today! Because in a year or two they will be not the same. Gentrification takes place over street art and local businesses. On this walk I want you to be not only a tourist but a friend. I will show you Berlin as it is – with the beautiful corners but also with its problems. I will speak about gentrification, new architecture and city developing projects, what makes Berlin so unique and different than any other city in Germany.

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