The Dark Side of Venice: Plague Tour


Are you fascinated by the dark side of history? As you walk through my enchanting Venice, it might be hard to imagine that life here was not always so picturesque. Join me on this eerie private tour of Venice where I can tell you all about the local legends and stories that happened when the plague hit the floating city. Kickstart this unique adventure through history at a vibrant square. Here I can give you intriguing insights about the legendary and mysterious remedy, Theriaca. Are you ready to hear chilling local legends? With so many people infected in Venice you might be wondering where the infected were kept. We can wander over to the port and view the haunted islands where the plague victims were housed. Step into a colorful mask shop and revel at the ornate details. Here I can tell you about the notorious masks that were worn by the infamous Doctor of the Plague. As we discover this hidden side of Venice, I can show you stunning architectural and artistic monuments and offerings for Venice’s deliverance from the plague. Feast your eyes on a gorgeous, can't be missed Basilica. This Basilica has an extraordinary past because it w​as built by the plague survivors and is believed to hold mysterious and magical properties. Are you ready for an unusual view of my gorgeous city? I look forward to sharing the best local insights, and remarkable history. If there is any other place you would like to visit, let me know! I can personalize your tour to your wishes! Arrivederci!

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