The Dark Side of Medieval Dubrovnik Private Tour


Come with me on a trip back in time, when Dubrovnik's Old Town had just been built. Who lived within these walls? How did they live? Were they different from us? I can answer all of these questions and more on this fascinating private tour. I am a passionate historian in love with medieval times, and I want to share my city and knowledge with you. Join me on a walk through the best preserved medieval town in the world, and find out how life used to be centuries ago. I'll take you through the narrow streets of Old Town, and we'll unfold its history along the way. Human nature has not changed much over the centuries. There were good and bad people in those days too. Although criminals haven't changed, the penalties are significantly altered. It's unbelievable how imaginative some of those punishments were. Come with me to the Rector's Palace and the Lu┼ża Square where public punishments used to take place. If there was something that left its mark during Medieval times, it was the black plague. I'll take you to see the last quarantine station Lazareti, where visitors stayed for 40 days before they were allowed to enter the city. The middle ages were also quite rough for women. We'll recreate their lifestyle by the Onofrio's fountain, the source of drinking water in the past. You can hear much more if you let me know what your interests are. I can personalize the tour in the way you want it. See you in Dubrovnik!

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Prijs: € 38.00

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