The Best of Venice in a Day Tour with your Licensed Private Tour Guide


Join me for an unforgettable private walking tour in my spectacular city of Venice through the minor islands of Venice up to the monumental Piazza with its public and representative architectures. Let me introduce you to its historic sites including an extended tour of the Doge's Palace and of St. Mark’s Basilica. The best part? You won't have to wait with the skip-the-line access that I'll get for you. I can tell you all about how the St.Mark's Square achieved its current shape, and I'll explain when these beautiful buildings were built and what functions they used to have. Get ready to marvel at an impressive demonstration of the art of glass blowing, and understand why Murano glass has become so famous in the world. At the end of the day, I will share with you the real Venetian experience: Ombra and Cicchetti in one of my favorite Baccaro! If you’re in Venice just for a short time, with this tour you will get a real taste of Venetian culture as I'll take you for wonderful strolls through the Venetian calli to admire the city’s treasures. In about two hours, we’ll cover the highlights of this incredible amphibious city. This tour can be 100% customized around your wishes, so please let me know!

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