The Best of Paris on a Unique Ride


Want to see as much of Paris as possible? I have for you the best way to move around the city while at the same time visiting essential locals areas that you will love to explore! Join me for the ride of your life through a unique side of Paris. (1h30HOURS) Don't miss on the chance of visiting the vibrant districts of Paris like Le Marais, the 10th, and the Latin area. Along the way, there are many surprises: stumble into a river where you'll visit a secret yard and a classified building. I'll tell you more about it once we are there! During this experience, you'll delve into all the things Parisians love, and that intrigue its visitors. From French luxury through Parisian institutions, architecture, and traditional markets, you will visit various favorite corners of the city. With the help of your cool ride, you'll enjoy Paris to the max in a short amount of time! I've also planned give you a piece of an amazing cheese because a tour in Paris without food is not the real local experience. And if you would like to make any changes or you have other requests, send me a message! I can make this unique tour of Paris even more perfect for you!

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Prijs: € 42.00

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