The Belly of Paris with a Local: Les Halles Tour


( If possible, if you want to book less than 8 days before, please send me a message to ask me if I am available before making the reservation, even if the site indicates that I am available. Thanks a lot!) From being the most important food market in the 12th century to now being a modern architectural gem. Les Halles is the belly of Paris and still represents a meaningful gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. Want to experience it with me? On this private tour, I'll take you to discover the quarter of Les Halles like a local. Now, the biggest mall in the capital is still lively, and bustling, just like in the old times. And, with my help, you'll be able to experience its past and present. From the old medieval streets near the City Hall, I will tell you the secrets of this quarter and with my storytelling skills, you can imagine how life used to be in this popular local hotspot. Here, you can also find the Pompidou center, a modern art center from another world. This architectural gem pops up as soon as you catch a glimpse of it, and inside more cultural gems are waiting to be discovered! Les Halles and its surroundings are a must if you are looking for a little touch of modern with tons of history. Let me take you to explore what's across the buzzing Rue de Sebastopol, where the Fontaine des innocents, a place hiding a very dark story, is waiting for us to unfold its story. And since Les Halles is always in constant evolution, you'll also get to see the new additions like La Canopee, the all new building of the recent shopping mall. To fully perceive this modern changes, I'll take you to the old rue St Denis, a street I love and that will show you the reality of Paris. And for a local insight, I'll take you through a secret passage that leads to Rue Montorgueil, one of my favorite streets full of Parisian charm. Come with me to the second biggest church in the city, St Eustache. This is a local gem away from the crowd! Can't get enough of Les Halles? There's more I can show you on a personalized tour designed around your interests. Let me know how I can make this local Parisian experience even more special for you!

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