The Artistic Side of Madrid with a Local


In Madrid, everywhere you look there's art! From its impressive architecture to its graffiti and street art, all the way to its galleries and quiet courtyards. The city is an artistic treasure ready to be discovered. Join me on a private tour, and let me show you all the highlights and small artistic details that make the city of Madrid a unique masterpiece. Let's take a look at some classic architecture and discover how it has been modified into new spaces. Art galleries will be an essential part of our tour: we'll visit hidden art spaces to find out what's going on in the local contemporary art scene. Exhibitions are always changing, so I guarantee you'll be seeing the freshest works of art! Art doesn't always hide inside galleries or museums. Let's discover colorful street art, graffiti and small details hidden in some building facades. As we stroll through the city, we'll also step into some of the most fabulous designer shops in the Madrid, from jewelry to decoration, curiosities, and clothing, the choice is yours! Food is also art, and to keep the trend of the tour going, I'll take you for a drink at a historical tabern. Let's talk about the local lifestyle and ask away! I can tell you where the locals eat, drink, shop, walk and enjoy their free time in Madrid. Want more art? I can always customize your tour 100%! Let me know your preferences, and I'll gladly change your experience.

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