The Adventures of Giacomo Casanova Private Tour


Do you know where the term 'Casanova' comes from? From the adventurous and flirtatious Giacomo Casanova! Join me for a unique tour and see the places where this Venetian historical character lived and retrace his interesting life! The history of Venice is full of iconic characters and Giacomo Casanova is surely the most famous of them. His complicated life, with countless love affairs, travels through Europe and even an assignment as a spy for the Republic of Venice, made of Casanova the symbol of the Venetian Eighteenth Century. Come with me and I'll tell you all about him! This private tour is all about the habits and traditions of 18th century Venice and of course, Casanova. Discover places like Campo San Polo, one of the most beautiful and larger Campo in Venice. Here you'll learn what happened in one of the most significant episodes: when he met his protector Senator Bragadin. Not far from here there is Castelletto, the historic red light district of Venice, a favorite of Casanova. Take a break at a famous Osteria like the many young Venetians used to do after a night of feasting. Did you know Casanova escaped from prison? Hear more about it at Doge Palace. Your journey through the adventurous life of Giacomo Casanova will also take you to Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Admire the Palazzo Querini Stampalia, once the house of two great friends of Giacomo, Angelo, and Andrea Querini, and now converted into an important museum. Are you curious to listen to many more stories about the famous Venetian libertine? Then this is the tour you're looking for! Personalize it to make your Venice experience even more unique.

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