The 10 Tastings of Kyoto: Street Food


Fall in love with the flavorful Japanese cuisine on this delicious food tour in Kyoto! Enjoy a selection of 10 food and drink tastings hand-picked by your foodie local host, just for you. From yummy must-tries like Japanese pepper ice cream to unique dishes typical of the city such as a gyoza stick; you’re in for a treat, so bring your appetite. This culinary tour in Kyoto is a cultural journey that takes you further than the food you’ll eat. As you enjoy authentic local bites ranging from savory, sweet well as drinks, you’ll also discover the city and its highlights. Stop to admire the Kenninji temple, Nishiki tenmangu shrine, and Hanami Koji Street and hear about their local relevance from your host as you hop from one food hot spot to the other - what can be better than that? Want to know what this food tour has in store for you? Your local foodie has you covered! And because sharing is caring, you and your group will get to try bites of famous dishes. Each of the hosts has carefully selected the tastings you’ll enjoy during this food tour. All of them passionate about food and their city, know the best spots to get the most authentic and typical bites. Pick your host according to your interests and you’ll be a part of a unique and flavorful experience catered to your taste buds. Looking for a vegetarian alternative? Reach out to the host of your choice and let them create a personalized offer for you. The foodie locals are ready to take you on the best food tour in Kyoto. All you have to do is check out their profiles and pick your favorite local for a delicious culinary experience. This Kyoto food tour can be 100% personalized to match your diet and allergies.

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