Thaka & Amphawa Floating Market & Mae Klong Railway Market with Boat Tour


The tour will be started at Thaka Floating market which now could say the most authentic floating market in Thailand. Then we will head to Mae Klong Railway market. This is the local fresh market which sell varieties of seafood, fresh fruits, vegetable, cooking ingredients etc. This market is It is also popular for the tourists as part of the market is situated on the railway track. We will visit this market to see the train ride pass through the market. Then we will head to Amphawa Floating market This floating market is located in the small 17th century riverside village there you can discover the authentic way of life just outside Bangkok. It is also knows as Food Paradise for the local Thai people, there are many food stalls by the riverbanks and all around the surrounding streets. We will take 1 Hour boat tour to sightseeing the small villages along the canal and see how locals make coconut sugar and taste 100% pure and fresh coconut sugar. We will stop for lunch at the local restaurant. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to create a personalized offer for you. I'm happy to greet you! *** Amphawa Floating market is open only Saturday -Sunday.*** ***Booking Policy*** This tour includes transportation with a personal driver. After you have made the booking, please confirm your hotel for pick up 1 day before the tour date (deadline 9 pm before the tour date), if not the booking will be cancelled with no refund.

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