Sweet Family Friendly Food Tour


Join me for a unique food tour that will be craved by your whole family! Naples is famous for its delicious pizza, homemade pasta, seafood and fish, but what about pastries? Sure everyone knows about sfogliatella and baba but there are so many other kinds of traditional pastries to discover around the city! Get to know the most famous pasticcerie of Naples, their history and how they're made! Every pastry, every cake, every variation of their flavour and their stuffing recalls memories, holidays and life moments that connects past and present, tradition and innovation. I will take you around the city and while we discover the most beautiful spots of Naples and their history, we will also discover the traditions behind the pastries and those who make them. An exciting playground stop will also be included for the kids to have time to mingle with local friends. Let me create for you your perfect family day in Naples. I will personalize your experience around your family's needs!

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Prijs: € 22.50

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