Street Art Tour of Florence Oltrarno


We will focus ourselves on the Oltrarno district - the southern part of Florence - an area that has been defined by ‘Lonely Planet’ as one of the coolest places in the world! This is the place where we will find the largest concentration of street art works and where many street artists have their studios! During our tour we will learn to spot the different street artists’styles, from the colorful images of famous people wearing diving masks by Blub, ‘till the lovely red shoes on the windows whose message is very powerful. The ironic stickers on road signs of the street artist Clet will make us smile and think at the same time and we will certainly recognize the famous female icons that wink at us from the streets walls! Lediesis, Clet, Ache77, Blub are just some of the street artists who have flooded the alleys of Florence with color and irony! Ready to start a street art hunt through the streets of the Oltrarno? We will discover hidden corners, alleys and squares of the coolest neighborhood in Florence! Did you know that Mona Lisa was born right in this area? And that in Oltrarno there was a popular red light district at the time of Cosimo I Medici? At the end of our tour you'll be able to see street artistry everywhere! During our tour we will have a break at a local bar to savour a fluffy Cappuccino or a cool Spritz, the famous Italian aperitif!

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