Street-art Bike tour


Join me and enjoy this amazing city from an alternative perspective. Two hours of Valencia's best street-art during a bike tour that goes off-the-beaten tracks and into the heart of urban life. As an enthusiastic graffiti artist myself, I know the local scene and am eager to share with you some of my favorite pieces! On this private tour, you can ride though Valencia’s stunning city center. I can tell you the stories behind the modern-day artworks that we will see on the way. Be amazed and awe-struck in the Secret Park. See the tallest and widest piece of graffiti in town. And wander through the beautiful Valencia botanical garden, which has its own huge graffiti wall. You can also enjoy seeing the spectacular museum of modern art, that some people say looks like a huge space-ship. We’ll also pass by the Valencian curiosity: the house of the four cats, I can tell you the story behind this alternative work of art. I also can personalize this tour 100%, so if you want to see or do anything in particular on your private tour, just let me know and we can build it in. This tour can be 100% personalized and made just for you. See you soon! We'll pass the IVAM (museum of modern art) where we will see a big legal graffiti wall and from there on we are going back to El Carmen where you will here the legend of the 4 cats. Hope to see you soon!

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Prijs: € 23.00

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