Sri Lanka's Tea Tour: History & Flavor


We, the locals of Sri Lanka are proud of our tea, let me show you why! Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, became well known for its world-famous tea. Ceylon Tea kept a traditional name and put Sri Lanka on the map with its flavorful products. Go back in history and let me show you how it all started! The Tea Museum will take you to the early days of production, and will show you the types of machinery used and many more archives of the industry. And while you discover this fascinating story, enjoy a nice cup of Pure Ceylon Tea. Don't miss the opportunity to shop here some high-quality tea to take back home! To fully understand the process of how tea is made visit the Loolcandura Tea Factory. James Taylor, Pure Ceylon Tea's pioneer, arrived at the Loolconder estate in 1852 and started what it is now a tea empire. Check out his very first tea patch, a rock seat used by James Taylor, which gives a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain range, his old cabin, plus a look at how the tea is processed at the Loolcondera tea factory. On your way back to Kandy, stop to explore some hidden gems along the way. Pass through small hill country towns where estate workers come for their day to day needs. And it wouldn't be an authentic Sri Lankan experience without a visit to a temple. Explore the Hindgala cave temple and learn about its history that dates back to the 4th century. You'll even pay a visit to the Royal botanical garden in Peradeniya. Enjoy a flavorful experience in Sri Lanka and join me for some tea! Let me create a personalized experience for you, let me know your preferences!

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