Spring Roll Cooking Class


Join me for a traditional hands-on cooking class and learn how to make our typical Vietnamese spring rolls. Get ready to taste the best of Vietnamese flavors. First, we will shop for the freshest vegetables at the local market. Here, I will show you the typical local Vietnamese market life and culture. Enjoy your stroll and take in the vibrant atmosphere. Now, let me welcome you to my lovely home where we will cook the famous spring rolls together. Did you know that spring rolls are made with 3 different types of wrappers? We've the traditional rice paper wrapper, the net wrapper, and the popular popiah wrapper. Our typical spring roll is filled with seafood including main ingredients such as pork, prawn and crab meat. In case you prefer chicken, or a vegetarian version please let me know. You'll learn all the tips and tricks of Vietnamese cuisine that you can take home, including the recipe! During the preparation, we can share stories and I can answer all your burning questions about the local life in Ho Chi Minh City. After a chat, it's time to enjoy the spring rolls with a typical sweet & sour sauce and fresh noodles. You can choose your favorite drinks to accompany the dinner. There's a selection of jasmine tea, beer, sugarcane juice and soft drinks. Let me know your dietary preferences and I can always tailor the cooking class to your taste buds.

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