Spies & Masters: Cold War Tour in Budapest


This private tour of the Communism Budapest will take you along some of the most important scenes of the crucial events in those decades. The sinister days of everyday life behind the Iron Curtain will come to life as I will tell you about the surveillance methods and terror tactics of the secret police and how the Americans were gathering intelligence despite all of that. We will meet at Szabadsag ter, a symbolic place where the Soviet war memorial still stands right in front of the U.S. Embassy. From there, we will visit various parts of the city on both sides of the Danube, via some of the beautiful landmarks you would not want to miss anyway. You'll get to see where it all happened: secret and less secret locations where spies, agents, and diplomats lived, met and conspired, fighting the Cold War in their own way. We will also visit some important locations of the 1956 Revolution, and see bullet holes still visible in the walls. The tour is based on my own personal research for an upcoming book about the activities of the American Legation (Embassy) between 1945 and the 1956 Revolution. Most of the stories you'll you will hear have not been published anywhere yet. I also have a huge collection of exclusive photographs taken by the diplomats themselves, and also AVO surveillance photos to show. During the tour, we'll stop for a coffee break at a really nice local venue. I'll tell you more about the stories that I found myself and give you recommendations based on your preferences. Let me know if you would like to see something in particular, I can design the tour to fit your preferences

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