Snap the city with your family


Welcome! I’m Annet, one of the well known iPhone photographers in the world. I captured the world for 10 years with my mobile phone. I never touched any other camera ever since. Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of my fans. I have guided the big boss in my beloved Amsterdam on a boat trip. I give incompany trainings in visual branding and personal tours worldwide. “To capture the world with the iPhone is simply magic. In a split second hidden stories, who like to see daylight, will be captured. It has been seen, it has not left unnoticed”. Amsterdam is full of surprises. It contains so many colorful elements which can be captured by the camera: flowers, water reflections, old bridges, famous statues, antique boats, shopping windows, street artists. The city is paradise! Young an old, there’s so much to discover with the camera. We can go on foot or by boat. This photography workshop is tailor made for families. I have 5 years of experience teaching kids how to capture their world. They are often the best photographers in the world! ;-) With simple tips & tricks and by given the family a challenge I learn you how make magic. I will guide you along the way and the result will be promising. I will guarantee. Children aged from 0 - 10 are free. Duration: 90 minutes Lets go!

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