Skip the Line: Da Vinci Museum & Sforza Castle


Have a fantastic tour dedicated to one of the greatest geniuses on earth, Leonardo da Vinci! Please, be aware of this: the Last Supper visit/tkts IS NOT included in this tour! We'll start with a visit to the famous Sforzesco Castle, where he lived for 19 years thanks to his great patron, Duke Ludovico il Moro Sforza. The gardens and courtyards are absolutely stunning, so it's a must see when you're in Milan and I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Afterward, we'll visit the castle apartments where, in the duke's private dining room, where I will tell you more about the stunning frescos he made for the duke. At the moment, the frescos are under restoration, but there are still lots and lots of beautiful things to admire, trust me! Just a few steps away, we'll reach the Science & Tech Museum, dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. It's one of the biggest museums in Italy and displays some of the best scientific works of Da Vinci. With our skip the line entrance ticket, we'll get past the busy crowds and long waiting times, getting the most out of your visit! At the end of your tour, you can still explore more exhibitions in the museum dedicated to science from the past, present, and future! If you'd like to personalize this tour or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Looking forward to meeting you. *Please consider, the visit is not possible on Mondays.

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Prijs: € 88.00

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