Skip the Line: Colosseum & Hidden Gems of Rome


Let me take you on this unique tour of Colosseum and some other nice places. After skipping the main entrance line to the Colosseum, we'll take a tour of the amphitheater and hear the stories about its tumultuous history. Discover the mechanical elevators, the trapdoors, and cages for the ferocious animals that stood next to the terrified Gladiators before they stepped into the arena. Find out more about the gladiators, who they were and why combat became so famous during the time of the Empire. After the Colosseum tour, we'll walk over to the Roman Forum, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. We won't enter there but I'll tell you everything about the political struggles and the gods of the ancient city. Next stop is Via del Corso, the main street in the historical center of Rome. Today, the street is a popular place for the passeggiata, the evening stroll for the populace to be seen and to see others. On our way around the city, we will also stop for a coffee. I will give you more insights about all of the places we already visited. This is also a great moment to ask for further recommendations. But that’s not all. On our list is an ancient artisan workshop as well. You are invited to chat with the artist Ferdinando Codognotto. He is one of the most famous living artist who won important competitions and worked for several popes. He makes enormous wood figures like trees, animals and flowers. They seem like big toys and while just looking at them you can feel the joy the artist had while was creating them. Last stop is Piazza di Petra or Piazza of Rocks. The name is derived from the stones of the former temple that were used to create the piazza. Before we say goodbye to each other I can give you personal recommendations or you can ask many other unique insights about history, food, culture and the must-dos or must-avoids. Either you like a morning walk or an evening tour, we can do whatever works best for you! Don't forget, this tour can be 100% personalized to your preferences, just let me know.

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