Singapore's Family Day Out: Secret Gardens


Let me take you and your family on a 'green adventure' through some secret garden in Singapore. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how many goodies my country manages to pack into this Little Red Dot of an island. Discover some green gems along the way and for the kids, there will be entertaining stories and a playground! Visit a 2.5-hectare tropical herb garden built on natural elevated ground grown with more than 300 species of Chinese herbs and plants in small land plots. At this garden, you can find year-round bounties of healthy flowering, herbal plants, and fruit trees. Butterflies and birds are often found within the garden, no doubt attracted by its peaceful and pesticide-free setting, delighting the little visitors with their presence. Apart from a guided tour of the herb garden, you'll be served freshly brewed tea made with their own herbs, taste-test a few herbs, learn tips about fresh herbs storage and hear about the healing powers of some of the herbs. And if you want to, you can request free takeaway herbs. Just tell me which herbs you need, and I'll inform their staff to prepare them in advance. Freely sharing their herb harvests with those in need is the #1 reason why it's called a community garden. Go to another herb garden with a beautiful landscape that is actually part of a much bigger garden attraction. And for the kids, you'll visit a big nature-themed children's garden that's packed with many innovative family-friendly features and facilities. You might have a hard time getting your young ones to leave their wholesome fun behind when it's time to move on! Keep in mind that the second herb garden is closed on Tuesdays, while the nature-themed children's garden is closed on Mondays. Should you choose to embark on this tour on either of these days, let's discuss a modified program that can be just as fun and fufilling!

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