Singapore with Kids!


Join me on a 2.5 hour private tour of sensational Singapore. A tour that's perfect for both adults and kids! You'll get to see the iconic Merlion statue spouting water and hear the story of the myth and legends around this symbol of Singapore. Perhaps your kids can enjoy drawing a picture of the awesome half lion, half fish myth. Check out Singapore's must-see sight as well as some hidden gems away from the touristy crowds. For example we can go to the former post office turned luxury hotel. We can also see the Japanese koi fish and hotel teddy bears. Always a favorite with kids. Time for a treat? How about some delicious Singapore style ice-cream? I can show you where to get the best in town! And while enjoying this tasty treat, we can stroll down the waterside. You'll get to see the colorful floating platform while walking over the super-cool Helix Bridge, an unforgettable visually stunning experience! I can also guide you to a famous kids toy shop for a quick stop here before ending your tour at one of the biggest highlights of Singapore: the Gardens by the Bay. This is a huge, colorful, futuristic park with the famous Supertree structures and a stunning skywalk over the gardens. Great fun for both kids and adults. Any special requests? Get in touch! I'll do my best to include everything you and your kids wish for.

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