Ship Ahoy! Little Captains Sailing Experience


Set sail and let your kids be the captain of the boat on this fun Family Friendly experience! Your little captains will have the chance to learn the ropes while really getting their hands on the job! I'll show them all about the sailboat: cables, how to raise the sail and how to navigate it. Once out of the dock we hoist the sails and the kids will show us the way! It will be an easy ride where you can relax while maintaining the boat on the right course. I'll be right there by their side to show them tips and tricks. From the beginning to the end, your little captain will give the orders! Enjoy seeing your kids' smile and have a refreshing drink on the boat. The views and atmosphere of this experience are one-of-a-kind! This Family Friendly experience is 100% personalized. Let me know how I can make your family happy and I will make your little ones wishes come true.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 88.24

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