Sherlock Holmes' London Tour


Join me on this Sherlock Holmes tour of London and discover how the great detective solved some of his most challenging mysteries in and around London. With a focus on the first ever Sherlock Holmes story, “A Study in Scarlet” we can visit the murder scene, 3 Lauriston Gardens, and retrace Sherlock’s steps. As a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, I can show you some of the buildings, roads and pubs that are featured in the BBC series. We can even test your own powers of deduction with trivia questions about the great detective. For example, in “A Study in Scarlet” why is Watson introduced to Holmes? Why is the murder scene, 3 Lauriston Gardens, derelict? And who does Inspector Gregson arrest as the murderer? Once we’ve solved the mystery, we can head to the Holborn Restaurant, where we can enjoy refreshments and talk about the various locations we have just visited. We can also see St Bart's Hospital, where Dr Watson worked. We can speculate on what has changed since Watson’s day – using or own powers of observation. Along the way I can share with you my own insights on the character and why he has captured so many people’s imagination. I’d also like to hear your theories as to why the Sherlock Holmes character is so appealing and timeless. Together we can use our powers of deduction and draw our own elementary conclusions. To top off this special tour we can visit the legendary 221B Baker Street, where the world famous Sherlock Holmes museum is located. This tour is 100% private just for you. So if you have any particular things you would like to see or do, just let me know in advance and I will do my best to build them in.

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