Scavenger Hunt for Adults in the Vatican Museum


If riddles are your favorite thing and you wish to explore the Vatican museum in a one of a kind way, I have the perfect tour for you. Join me on a fun scavenger hunt full of puzzles, clues, and fascinating historical facts are this famous museum. Put your detective skills to the test, decipher codes, and find hidden symbols that will help you answer the questions of my scavenger hunt for adults. Because who says that adults can't have fun! You'll receive 12 questions: for any right answer, you'll get a clue that will help you to solve the last riddle. If you solve the final puzzle, you'll receive my congratulations and a prize. And remember, this is a competition, so don't share your answers with your rivals. Are you ready? May the best puzzle-solver win! PS: if you are a family and you have young children, I can give them my easier Treasure Hunt map, specially created for them, and you can check who's the best in completing the contest (younger children will receive a prize anyway) * Please note that tickets are not included in this tour. I will buy you the best available tickets according to your booked date and time.

Webwinkel: Withlocals
Prijs: € 95.00

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