Say Cheese! Saigon's Photography Walking Tour


Let me take you on a unique journey through Saigon city and experience the daily life of people from Saigon up closely. We will meet at the oldest coffee place in town. Here we can take a great coffee and get to know each other whilst seeing the lady owners making their special coffee in a clay pot. Next we will walk to visit Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment, a place where an original group of Saigonese live their daily life. On the way to the following stop, we'll walk through the biggest flower market in town. The area is also well-known for its Khmer-style - food, houses and people. Strolling passed Saigon's painting street, the best spot to marvel at Vietnamese arts and see artists drawing, we'll then visit the Cho Quan Church. It's the oldest church in Saigon with a cemetery in which Truong Vinh Ky lies, the father of the Vietnamese Latin alphabet writing system, Let's hop on the bus that will take us to the oldest alley in Saigon. The area is populated by a small Chinese community living centrally of the city. Not much has changed in the past 50 years so you will get a real glimpse of traditional life in Saigon. The last stop leads us to Ben Thanh market, a very characteristic Vietnamese market. Ask me any questions on the tour that you have and I will provide you with insights and stories! Let me know your personal wishes and I am happy to customise this tour 100% to your taste.

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