Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila Tour: Light, Color & Architecture


Hello ... I want to share my passion and my research about Gaudi: light, color, nature, and geometry, the main elements so well treated by Gaudi to create magnificent spaces. Let's go for a walk by the iconic Sagrada Familia Temple and by Casa Mila, the last house from Gaudi. Join me on this private tour, I have plenty details to share with you, and you can ask all your questions. I will be glad to show you the glass sculptures I was commissioned to place at the top of the Sacristy tower of the Sagrada Familia and to talk about the film I am preparing. Let's talk and let's get into Modernist times, into Gaudi's mind and the evolution from his first projects to the final master buildings. Why are Gaudi's works so impressive? I have many answers: he was unique during the Modernist movement, he was ahead of his time, he challenged materials to get the best from them. But mainly, because he worked to create spaces with unique geometry where the light will be filtered to touch your soul. After our tour, you will know Gaudi's masterpieces Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila to the fullest, the famous characteristics and hidden details. You will know how to look at the Modernism and how to appreciate all the buildings from Gaudi. You'll take home a special vision from the architect, the master of light. I offer the option to book longer time to include more details about Modernism and to walk by other buildings from Gaudi. This extra time has an extra price depending on the request. Our tour is outside the buildings to take full profit of our time together. The content of the talk includes all the special details from the exterior and the interior of the places, emphasis on light, color and geometry. You will get prepared to enjoy and discover the details at your own rhythm when you enter after our talk. The experience is really unique as you can read on the reviews from my visitors. When you want to visit Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila or another building from Gaudi, you must request tickets on our chat and I will take care of getting them with the extra charge for their price. Other, I will give you advice on how to get them at the official sites. I will be glad to give you all the advice for tickets after we set the reservation of the tour. Any special requests? Let me know in advance!

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